Andersen® is the most trusted and recommended brand of windows and doors among commercial contractors and residential builders.*

Window Gallery is an Authorized Dealer of Andersen Windows & Doors

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Window Gallery is an authorized dealer of Andersen Windows and Doors. Andersen is the largest window and door manufacturer in North America and America’s Premier Window Manufacturer for Over 115 Years is the brand for Beautiful, High-Performance Large Scale Doors and Aluminum Doors.

There are a variety of windows with a lot of designs and shapes options available, with and without window bars etc. Awning windows, Glider Windows, casement windows, windows with sliding doors are all the variety that can be seen in the architecture of different homes. Window Gallery is the best supplier of  Anderson windows in North Bergen.

Andersen Windows, Replacement Windows, Doors, Parts and Accessories

We carry different series or lines of Andersen Windows at  Windows Gallery New Jersey:

  • 100 Series Windows: 100 Series single-hung windows good for ventilation through a single operable lower sash that slides up and down. Andersen 100Series windows are known for superior strength and performance because they’re made with Andersen’s patented Fibrex material that’s 2X stronger and durable.
  • 400 Series Casement Windows & 400 Series Casement Bow Window: Attached with a Hinge on the side and cranks open outward to the left or right allowing for full top to bottom ventilation; Low-maintenance vinyl windows.
  • 400 Series Double-Hung Windows & 400 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Window
  • E-Series (Eagle) : Andersen ESeries windows & doors are made to your exact specifications. Explore custom windows & doors in a variety of colors, Sizes, shapes and woods for window and door replacement in New Jersey.
  • A-Series (Architectural) : ASeries windows & doors from the Architectural Collection. Their luxury line contains the A-Series and ESeries.

100 Series Window & Doors

400 Series Window & Doors

E Series Windows & Doors

A series Windows & Doors

Doors by Andersen

Beautiful, High-Performance Large Scale Doors. Doors are built to last.

Liftslide Windows & Doors


Folding Windows & Doors

Folding Doors & Windows

Pivot Windows & Doors

Pivot Doors & Windows

French Windows & Doors

French & Swinging Doors & Windows1

Additionally, the affordability of Anderson windows and their ability to replace different styles of windows makes them more suitable for a large number of households. They ensure that all their windows and doors and accessories are made of quality materials and the customers would not have to be bothered or worried about the quality.

These windows also come with a coating of low e-glass to protect the interiors of the home from the solar radiations. This coating also makes sure that there is no further need to paint the windows and they are protected all throughout the year from all weather conditions. All these factors are pivotal in making Anderson windows the most sought after window styles for a number of homes. Window Gallery is the best supplier of Anderson doors in North Bergen.

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