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Custom Replacement Doors in New Jersey & Nearby Areas

We manufacture and install exterior door replacements in New Jersey, so your home always leaves a good first and last impression.

Installing a new door is a simple service we offer here in Window Gallery North Bergen. We offer a wide variety of doors whether it be interior or exterior doors. Our doors are highly durable and affordable, and are reliable till the very end. We have doors made out of materials such as wood, steel, fiberglass, and composite. Window Gallery provides you with the best door installation service in North Bergen.


Effortless double opening French patio doors give your home beauty, functionality, durability and energy efficiency all with an impressive style. Inset glass panes let in natural light and provide your home with an enhanced sense of space, all while giving you the UV protection, energy efficiency and security you need. Providing a dramatic and elegant look to your home, French doors are a popular option for replacing traditional glass patio sliders.

It’s important to have a reliable french Patio door that can tackle heavy weather, and here at Window Gallery North Bergen, we have you covered. Our French patio doors are built to the highest quality and are guaranteed to protect you from inclement weather and harsh winds and at a reasonable price and guaranteed time.


Sliding glass doors bring the beauty and natural light of the outdoors to your indoor space. We offer glass sliders with an array of options, including multi-panel, bypass or pocket configurations. Glass options include enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation, UV protection, reinforced safety and impact resistance. Cost-effective and energy-efficient, sliding glass doors save you money while enhancing your home.

The exterior sliding glass that we offer is high-quality, providing maximum protection against intruders and fierce storms. These are also equipped with the best smooth-gliding gears on the market, so you won’t have to worry about rollers that stick, doors that fall off the track or costly repairs. Our New Jersey exterior door replacement services also include custom design options, so you can feel assured knowing that your sliding glass doors have been built to fulfill your every specification.

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An entryway is the focal point of a home’s facade, and the front door is its most prized asset. Dressed with a fine lockset and a one of a kind appearance, the door extends a friendly welcome while also discouraging intruders and shutting out the weather. Our beautiful wood entry door is the premium choice for your home exterior. We offer a wide range of wood front door styles with a variety of glass designs. Impresses your visitors with an Entry Door from one of our luxurious collections. All of our product are made with superior durability and unmatched beauty and style.

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Why Should You Replace Your Exterior Doors?

Whether it is a main front entryway, a patio slider, a side entry or any other type of exterior entryway, it is the first thing a person notices about your house. Your doors say a lot about you and your home. There is an easy solution to old, ugly, worn out or outdated doors!

Since doorways are subjected to heavy use, over time they wear out and can warp or crack. Hardware, weather stripping and door frames wear out too, which causes doors to stick or sliders to not roll. A poorly constructed, low-quality, worn or inefficient product can be damaging to the value, the energy-efficiency, and even compromise the safety of your home. Especially in the New Jersey areas, where cooling your home is a major household cost, a modern energy-efficient entry system is a must. We can update the look and feel of your home with a variety of custom replacement options, from durable replacement doors to elegant exterior French doors.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Product or Material?

Since entrances are subjected to some of the heaviest use in your home, consider your options carefully. An exterior door needs to be durably constructed from an efficient, strong and attractive material. While you may be tempted to save money on your initial investment by buying a cheaper quality one, remember, in the long run, you get what you pay for. A good quality door will work hard for you and is worth the price you pay for it. Allow us to guide you in choosing the right products at the right price for your home.

In addition to the actual product you choose, the framework it is set in is also important. The level of security provided by your entry can be undermined by a worn or vulnerable frame. Water and air can leak in around even the best quality door. With all of our installations, we use a non-wood, waterproof barrier system including the door jambs, sill, seals and splines. This high-quality process is essential to ensuring your new doors look and perform their best for years to come.

Why Choose Window Gallery NB as Your Door Installation Company?

Allow the professionals at Window Gallery NB to make replacing your doorways a breeze! We can help you choose the perfect products to match your style and budget. Our installation team will quickly and professionally install your new doors without making a mess in your home.

Our superior and cutting-edge precision installation methods include a completely sealed waterproofing system that is proven and guaranteed to withstand hurricane or tropical depression winds, which is especially important in the coastal areas of New Jersey. All of our installers are background checked and work full-time for us, so you don’t need to worry about who is in your home.

Our work is fully guaranteed with labor warranty, and all of our products include a manufacturer’s warranty. There’s a reason we get a majority of our business from happy customer referrals!

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