Double-Hung Windows in New Jersey

Our replacement double-hung windows are a classic option and our most popular replacement windows style. Some appealing features are;

  • Convenient to use and a traditional, attractive style
  • Cleaning is very easy with tilt-out upper and lower sashes
  • Comes with many designs and size options

We have a lot of color options in Double-Hung Windows in New Jersey. Double-hung window colors to meet your specific taste.

*Color options may vary based on the package and dimensions you select.


When one thinks of a traditional window the style that comes to mind is the double-hung. A double-hung window is made of an upper sash and a lower sash. Each sash has its own glass pane. The lower sash slides vertically to open and close it. The window is held open through the use of counterweights, springs, or friction. The traditional Viny double-hung window just looks right in many homes.

In homes with wood double-hung windows, the homeowner should consider replacing the original ones with modern vinyl double-hung window. The vinyl double-hung offer many advantages over the older technology of the wooden windows. Modern vinyl ones are more energy-efficient than wooden windows. They feature Low-E glass and inert gas between the panes. Vinyl double-hung windows also require less maintenance than wooden windows. They do not need to be painted they are more resistant to water damage than wooden windows. Some models feature panes that tilt out for easier cleaning.

Vinyl double-hung windows are available in a variety of styles and colours. This allows homeowners to find the window that best matches the look of their home. With the benefits of energy efficiency, functionality, and appearance, replacing old wood double-hung ones with new vinyl double-hung ones makes a lot of sense.


Additional information


Tilt-wash design makes it easy to clean
Prefinished White interior or Unfinished pine
Exterior vinyl frame in White or Sandtone


Our best-selling double-hung
Wood protected by vinyl exterior
Custom sizes available.


Best-performing double-hung
Wood protected by fibreglass and Fibrex® composite material
Stained and painted wood interiors look architecturally beautiful.


Custom colors, range of interior woods and stains available
Wood protected by a durable aluminium exterior
Sleek design with an innovative locking system for discreet functionality

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